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Aim of Dressyness
General Guidelines


Principle 1 : One account, one model.

You have to be the only person to post styles with your account.

Principle 2 : Profile can only post looks

No text, No gif, No political message, No religious message

Principle 3 : Posts are published according to our “Image Guidelines”

See our tips for goods photos HERE

Principle 4 : All account breaking one of the 3 principles above will be deleted



How to take the best fashion photography ?

Images Guidelines

Content of image :

  • You : We strongly recommend that the image displays your look from your head to your feet. Please no body without head !
  • Your Outfit : We should perfectly see your outfit as it’s the concept of Dressyness.
  • The Light : Soft and diffused light as it’s often more flattering.This is really important for people seeing your style.
  • Please Don’t : Please don’t post text, political references, religious references or troll images, as we delete them. Of course sexy is OK, pornography is not. 🙂

Format of image :

We encourage You to keep the vertical orientation but are not opposed to square format like on Instagram. Just, please, don’t post horizontal photos.

Copyrights :

Please only post images of You, and check before that you have the rights on the images you want to post (especially if the photo shooting was made by a professional) !



How does it work ?

What about my looks ?


Share of look on Dressyness : YES, you can share as many styles as you want. We just encourage you to post on a regular basis instead of one shot to potentially be seen by more people

Deletion of look : YES, you can delete the looks you don’t want to share anymore

Look theft : YES, if you see someone re-posting your beautiful looks (either on Dressyness or elsewhere), we’ll help you defend your right


What about my account ?


Opening : You can open your account for free.

Linking : You can link your account with your mail or your Facebook account.

Personal Data : You can access all the data we have regarding your profile at any time, in your account panel. Please see also the “What about my Privacy ?” FAQ.

Closing : You can shut down your profile for free and in a minute.


What about my privacy ?


Open Access : YES, your looks can be seen by everyone, both connected and not connected to Dressyness : the concept is sharing your style to inspire the whole community.

Hosting : YES, we store all your looks and data in our server but when you delete them, we don’t keep them, as we think it wouldn’t be fair to You another way.

Look Selling : NO, We do not sell or give away your images to anyone. Promised !


What if I see a style breaking the rules ?


If you see a profile or look that doesn’t play by the rules, just send us the URL address ! And it will be reviewed promptly by our team !

The user account may be deleted or some looks may be removed if judged not compliant with our principles.



Can I name brands of my looks ?

YES, you can !

If you like a brand, other users will probably like it too.

We specially designed our uploader for that ! You can even share the link of your clothes to help users !


For more information, please check our Terms of service.

Please check our Privacy Policy


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